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Mili Avital

Mili Avital

February 12, 2004 Yesterday watched The Human Stain
April 29 Polish Wedding will air on HBOSIG 9:00AM-10:45AM, Thursday, May 1 and Dead Man on SUNDAE 9:00PM-11:05PM, Saturday, May 3
March 24 The Young Girl and the Monsoon will air on WOMEN 6:00PM-7:30PM, March 27, Polish Wedding on MOMAX 5:30AM-7:15AM same day and Kissing a Fool on TNTI 8:30AM-10:30AM, March 28. BTW, I've recently received DVD Minotaur from (why did they call it Mossad?). Nice movie :o)
March 17 The Young Girl and the Monsoon will air on WOMEN 3:00AM-4:30AM, Saturday, March 22. Could anyone tape it for me?
February 27, 2003 Animals will air on TNTI Channel 11:00PM-1:15AM, Sunday, March 2.
November 26 Stargate will air 2:00PM-4:30PM, Wednesday, November 27 on SCIFI Channel and The Young Girl and the Monsoon will air on TMCX 2:00PM-3:30PM, Friday, November 29. Could anyone tape The Young Girl and the Monsoon?
October 22 New title in Filmography Haunted
September 27 Few nice caps from DVD Dead Man in Gallery. Many thanks to Bruno!!!
September 13 On TV soon: Kissing a Fool 8:00AM, Sep 14 on COMEDY, The Young Girl and the Monsoon 12:05PM, Sep 16 on WOMEN, Minotaur 7:45AM, Sep 17 on HBO2, Stargate 22:45, Sep 21 on Carlton Cinema Analogue (UK). Could anybody tape Minotaur for me?
August 20 New titles in Filmography
August 11, 2002 Site won GoldenWebAward 2002-2003!
July 1, 2002 The Young Girl and The Monsoon, Stargate will air in USA July 2 and Kissing a Fool July 7.
June 9, 2002 Minotaur will air in USA by MOMAX 10:00AM-11:30AM Wednesday June 12. Somebody please tape it for me, I'll do anything for you :o)
March 17, 2002 3 new photos in Gallery (Misc. section). Watched Uprising, must see!
December, 15 The Young Girl and the Monsoon will air in USA by SHOWS 06:15PM-08:00PM Thursday Dec 20. If somebody could tape it for me, I will be happy :o)
October, 7 New title in FilmographyUprising
September 27 The Young Girl and the Monsoon will air by TMC (in US) 01:35PM-03:15PM Sunday September 30
August 5 Short description of Over the Ocean (Me'ever Layam)
June 24 I've added links to trailers of Bad Seed, Dead Man, Invasion of Privacy and others in Filmography
June 15 Few stills from After the Storm, pics from Maxim Online and (finally!) few pics from CD-ROM Secrets of Stargate in Gallery. Release date of Bad Seed (form. Preston Tylk) July 24
June 10 I've received and watched After the Storm! Nice movie, must see... Mili so beautiful and sexy...
May 25 After the Storm was released in Russia on VHS! And Arabian Nights on DVD R5
May 16-17 More than 1200 visitors from Maxim online :o)
March 26 After the Storm will air in March 31 (USA). View trailer
March 23 More than 640 pageviews from Walla's article (in Hebrew) about the upcoming wedding and what their friends say... David bought a house for them... (Thanx to Efrat for translation)
March 22 After the Storm release date: May 29, 2001
(on VHS and DVD)
March 20 Due to some technical errors, site was down March 18-19. Please accept my apologies
February 23 Next Sunday, March 1st, Polish Wedding will air on Russian TV (RTR)
January 26,
Mili Avital's feature film, The Young Girl and The Monsoon, will open in New York on May 11, 2001, released by Artistic License Films. Thank to James for information
December 29,
Correction in Filmography, very nice scan from "At" ("You") women's magazine and vidcaps from Kissing a Fool (Many thanks to Ali) in Gallery
October 29 Today I heard that Animals was released in Russia!
October 14 I found some French Mili's titles at Links in Filmography
September 21 September 11-16 I was in Prague (Czech Republic), now I'm home and added 7 pics with David Schwimmer in Gallery (Misc. section)
July 25 Would you like to order European releases of Mili's movies? I've added links to UK and German Amazon sites on Filmography
July 19 Yesterday watched Animals... Cool! Now I want to buy it
June, 2000 Few corrections in Biography and Filmography (many thanks to Odelia ;o)
May 19 In Gallery few photos: two from Arabian Nights, one from shooting After the Storm and another nice in Miscellaneous
May 3 In Filmography new Mili's film – Preston Tylk
May 2 Arabian Nights is great! Mili as Sheherezade is exciting!
April 28 Some information about new Mili's film After the Storm, which shooting in Belize (Central America)
April 24 In Zond magazine I've found review of my site
April 9 Few captures from Dead Man
March 25, 2000 In Gallery few videostills from Invasion of Privacy (thanks to Tina ;o) and Arabian Nights trailer
March 8 In Russia finally was released Polish Wedding
January 7, 2000 Kissing a Fool DVD poster (thanks to Marilyn for DVD) in Gallery, and new Award
December 9 New big picture scanned from Maxim. Thanks to Dave ;o)
November 25 Now you can read or post messages in Forum.
Better late than never ;o)
November 03 Added Interview links to Gallery section
October 25-27 Following positive notices and strong buzz from its market screening at the IFFM in September, The Young Girl and the Monsoon made its world premiere at the 1999 AFI Los Angeles International Film Festival
September 3 Added Awards (of my site) section
August 17 '99 Moved to Tripod!
August 2,
Mili Avital (Sheherezade), Jason Scott Lee, Rufus Sewell and Oded Fehr have been cast in "Arabian Nights" telefilm that will air on ABC in April 30 and May 1 2000. The four hour miniseries based on the classic "Thousand And One Nights" tales and will consist of five or six substories
June 29 '99 Redesigned Filmography and added few photos
May 12 '99 The Young Girl and The Monsoon, an independent film shot entirely on location in Manhattan, will travel to Cannes after success with its first private screening in New York. The screening was held as a benefit for Playwrights Horizons, the Gotham theater company which premiered the play two seasons ago
April 3 '99 Happy birthday to Mili! Best wishes ;o)
March 10 '99 Added filmography of Roland Emmerich (Director of Stargate, Mili's first American movie)
December 28 '98 Loaded the page in Netscape. Caught a couple of bugs. Corrected them. Looks like I'd be more careful now
December 15 '98 Have shown the page to my colleagues at work. Listened to critical remarks, have come to some conclusions ;o) Registered at search engines
December 14
same year...
Watched Invasion of Privacy... Now I can confess – I love Mili!!! (I hope, my wife never will read this ;o)
December 13 '98 Publishing Page (not completed yet)
night December 6th to 7th '98 Idea about a page on Mili Avital. Have got a plan of actions...


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