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aka Mossad (European title)
Director: Jonathan Tammuz
Starring: Dan Turgeman,
Georges Corraface,
Josh Lucas

At the center of this pseudo-noirish tale of obsession is Alex (Dan Turgeman), a brooding Mossad agent haunted by childhood trauma and adrift on the mean, rain-slicked streets of New York. His avoidance of human connection abruptly ends when he spots the young and lovely Thea (Mili Avital). He knows instantly that she represents his destiny. He begins to follows her from a safe distance. He writes her letters suffused with conflicted longing and predictions of his own demise. Then, he slips them into her bedroom, as only a resourceful Mossad agent can. The letters attract and torment Thea, but Alex remains in the shadows, paralyzed by his dual identity. Like the mythological Minotaur that fascinated him as a boy, he is half man and half beast – a tortured romantic and a professional killer.

If it all sounds insufferably ponderous and arty and turgid, it is. Adapted from the novel by the gifted Benjamin Tammuz, the film strikes the same dark chord over and over, never taking this sexy, almost-Gothic premise by the horns (excuse the pun)
and running with it.

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