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Animals (And The Tollkeeper) Film Scouts review
Director: Michael DiJiacomo
Starring: Tim Roth,
John Turturro,
Lothaire Bluteau

Michael DiJiacomo has created a unique melange of imagery, character, and fable in this imaginative saga of a man seeking his place in the world. Animals is part reality, part mythic invention as it spins out a narrative which begins with a wonderful prologue depicting a team of French ethnographers who are filming a true eccentric, a tuba-playing toll keeper in the Utah desert. But the focus of the story is a disillusioned and world-weary New York cabbie, Henry Berst, who, after being robbed, picks up an out-of-town fare and hits the road. It happens that the fare is the three members of the film crew from the prologue, now fifty years later, who want to go to Maryland and meet their long-lost friend Herve.
Interview Mili on Animals Real Video:
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"A Love Story" with Mili Avital ( 1.9mb)
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