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After the Storm

After the Storm official site
Director: Guy Ferland
Starring: Benjamin Bratt,
Armand Assante,
Simone Elise Girard,
Jennifer Beals

Based on the classic Ernest Hemingway story, "After the Storm" unfolds in one of the writer's favorite haunts – the Caribbean Islands.

Arno, a handsome wanderer played by Benjamin Bratt, takes refuge from the Depression to live the unfettered life we all only dream about, that of a carefree scavenger who sails the Bahaman cayes, cooks lobster on his boat, and collects drift washed along the beach. Arno has dropped out of society and severed his ties with the sparkling worlds of Paris and New York to escape the tragic ghost of his father. When a beautiful young girl, Coquina, comes back into town, having lived a sheltered existence with relatives on another island, Arno is drawn out of his isolation. This is a story of four people in a hidden Caribbean cove, bound together against the clock. But there is something that Jeanne-Pierre’s not telling anyone… A classic adventure of deceit, seduction and betrayal, "After the Storm" asks how much of paradise you would sacrifice for a fortune in jewels and gold.

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