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Over the Ocean

Me'ever Layam
... aka Over the Ocean
Director: Jacob Goldwasser
Starring: Uri Alter,
Motti Giladi,
Era Lapid

When Morris, a fellow survivor of the Nazi concentration camps, comes to visit him in Israel in 1962, Menachem is of course glad to see him. Morris' tales about nearly limitless prosperity and opportunity in Canada intrigue him also, since he is deeply worried about the future of his family in war-ridden Israel. Perhaps he should relocate his family to Toronto. Menachem's ten-year-old son Haim is far too busy playing games and planning dangerous forays into neighboring countries to notice his father's preoccupations, and his brother-in-law is ferociously dedicated to implementing socialist ideals in a strong Israel and is not about to leave. However, his daughter Miri has been seeing a bad sort of fellow and is in real danger of getting into trouble with him. He sends his daughter to Toronto to get her out of trouble but has second thoughts about leaving Israel for good.

Clarke Fountain

Mili won the Israeli Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for the feature Over the Ocean.

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VHS: NTSC (English subtitles)

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