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Bad Seed

Bad Seed official site
aka Preston Tylk (working title)
Emily Tylk
Director: Jon Bokenkamp
Starring: Luke Wilson,
Norman Reedus,
Dennis Farina

A tautly executed moral thriller fueled by dual revenge, Bad Seed combines the all-too human elements of lust, love and vengeance in an explosive story. When murder is added to the volatile mix, Bad Seed ignites to full boil-a classic tale of good versus evil, where instincts are not to be trusted and even the distinction of right over wrong is in question.

A story of moral ambiguity, Bad Seed covers familiar territory during the opening scene. A young wife (Emily) forces a confrontation with her husband (Preston) to confess her adulterous affair with another man (Jonathan). Shocked, humiliated and betrayed by the admission, Preston leaves the house in a rage. Unfortunately when he returns to work things out, he finds Emily lying in a pool of her own blood on the living room floor, dead. What ensues is a tightly wound tale of dual revenge.

Shown at the Seattle International Film Festival
as Preston Tylk (June 2000).

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VHS: NTSC, NTSC (Spanish Subtitles)
DVD: Region 1
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