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Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights ABC, Hallmark / unofficial sites
Director: Steve Baron
Starring: Dougray Scott,
Rufus Sewell,
Jason Scott Lee

One Man's Journey Through One Woman's Words

A powerful sultan named King Shahryar must find a wife before the full moon or else his kingdom will be given to his evil brother. Still traumatized by the betrayal of his first wife, Shahryar decides he will marry to save his kingdom, and then he will execute his new wife before she has a chance to be unfaithful. The beautiful Scheherezade tries to postpone her execution by telling him a different story each night. The magical stories of "A Thousand and One Nights" come to life as she tells them. Cast: Mili Avital as Scheherezade, Dougray Scott as Schahriar, Jason Scott Lee as Aladdin, Rufus Sewell as Ali Baba, Tcheky Karyo as Black Coda, Alan Bates as the Story Teller, and John Leguizamo in the dual roles of the Ring Genie and the Lamp Genie.

Emmy Award-winning producer Robert Halmi, Sr. produces epic four-hour miniseries was aired around the world on March (Europe) – May (US). Released on DVD and VHS on 18 July 2000. Also available Extended Play Version on VHS

Quotes from article Arabian Nights is both fun and familiar
by Matthew Gilbert,
Boston Globe:

...The theme of the "Arabian Nights" is the power of storytelling itself. As the sultan succumbs to the healing power of Scheherezade's stories, he softens, letting go of his bitterness at being betrayed by his first wife. All of the stories within the story of Scheherezade and the sultan are charming little vignettes, even while they are familiar. From the start, you'll know exactly where "Arabian Nights" is headed. There are no surprises in this beautifully wrapped package. But, like the sultan, you may find yourself hooked anyway. Mili's balance of intelligence and mysticism holds the movie together, as she struggles to win over the sultan because she feels it is her fate and because she sees the child in him.

Find out what "Scheherezade" has to say about her work on "Arabian Nights." Hear Mili Avital talks about some of her favorite scenes, then watch them. (Real / Windows Media or Quicktime)

Arabian Nights
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Soundtrack Buy Arabian Nigts
VHS: NTSC, NTSC Extended Play Version,
PAL (English), PAL (German), PAL (Russian)
DVD: Region 1, Region 1, Hallmark TV Classics Collection II (Arabian Nights/Jason and the Argonauts/The Lost Empire/Moby Dick/The Odyssey) (R1), Region 2 (English/ German), Region 2 (English/ French), Region 5 (English/ Russian)
Arabian Nights (4vcds) on VCD
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